Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Read My Mind - Molly Moon's Booking Signing Party

Molly Moon's new cookbook is out!  She recently hosted a book signing party - complete with entertainment and lots of ice cream.  We got there right at 8pm, but by 9pm the place was packed.  Lots of food, drinks and of course, ice cream complete with make-your-own sundae toppings galore.

Molly Moon, the queen of ice cream, has really made her mark here in Seattle.  She currently has five locations and a roving ice cream truck.  For eastsiders, you'll find the truck at various markets (see schedule once the markets open).  Using locally sourced ingredients she creates flavors you can't buy at your grocery store.  My favorite is honey lavender.  The scout mint and Stumptown coffee flavors are popular in our household.

Support local business!  Have a scoop (or two) of Molly Moon's ice cream.
You can read more about her in the Seattle Times.


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