Friday, May 11, 2012

Dining Out: Hitchcock, Bainbridge Island, WA

When the weather is beautiful and sunny our family heads for Bainbridge Island.  We park our car in Seattle and walk on the ferry (it's cheaper).  A few minutes walk from the ferry dock is a quaint town filled with mostly independent culinary establishments and fun boutiques.

Our most recent visit brought us to Hitchcock.  Unfortunately we were all still full from lunch, so by the time dinner rolled around we were more inclined to have small plates.

I was lame and only shot one photo: the bone marrow appetizer.  Gosh it was delicious and reminded me of restaurants in NYC where it seems that all of them had it on the menu.  I was pleasantly surprised with the smoked grey sea salt.

For the first time I had Green Garbanzo Beans that were sill in their pod (who knew?) and oven roasted.  It was like eating edamamae at a Japanese restaurant, but better.  Warm, smokey (pods were slightly charred) buttery (from the EVOO) - I bet it would be great with a cold beer.

Also had an incredibly unique interpretation of Waldorf Salad.  Small dice and stuffed in endive.

For sure I will return to Hitchcock....and I'll bring my appetite.  I'm very interested in their Name Your Price Chef's Menu.  Stay tuned.

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