Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dining Out: Stone Korean Restaurant, Redmond WA

Korean in downtown Redmond?
Stone Korean Restaurant has (IMO) the best Bibim Bop in the area.  What is that?  It's a traditional Korean dish that is served in a HOT clay bowl.  Inside you'll find rice (that is sizzling from the intense heat) topped with a variety of veggies like bean sprouts, carrots, shitake mushrooms, zucchini, dried seaweed.  Some may have beef.  And it's all topped with a raw egg which gets cooked by the hot clay pot.  You are also given a bottle of hot sauce that is a combination of heat and fermented soy beans.  You pour so you determine the heat.

Preparing to eat - stir you ingredients, hear the sizzle and notice the crust that is formed on the rice.  Steam rises.  The smell of all the flavors just blend in together for a fantastic one pot dish.  It's fantastic.

In addition to this lunch special, I enjoyed a bowl of miso soup (nothing special) and a great assortment of side dishes the Koreans call banchan.  It rotates but on this day I got pickled cucumbers, kim chee, peppered bean sprouts, potato salad, colesalw, and fishcake.

They have an extensive menu - every Korean dish you can think of.

Tip: It's located in the Value Village shopping plaza.  It's way in the back.  Big parking lot but seems to be always full.  Service can be a little slow.  Clip the coupon from the Community Shopper.

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  1. Sounds good Myrissa, I am headed there now to try your recommended Bibim Bop. My first time and I love spicy food!