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Question: I train for a lot of endurance events and I’m getting tired of the same old sports drinks. Are there any alternatives that would work just as well?
Answer:  Absolutely! There are many other engineered sports nutrition products that are designed for consumption during training sessions and races. Gels are a popular choice and so are Sharkies, Sports Beans, Clif Shot Bloks, and Cytomax Energy Drops. All of these essentially function in the same way, and provide carbohydrate for energy and some much-needed electrolytes. Some may include other ingredients as well, including caffeine. Your best bet is to experiment with several options during your training to find out what’s most palatable and well tolerated. It’s also important to remember that these products are very concentrated, so they need to be consumed with plenty of water to help with the digestive process. If you fail to do this, you’ll likely end up with gastrointestinal distress, and no one wants that in the midst of a training session or race. Lastly, let’s not forget about good ol’ solid food. Some people perform really well consuming bananas, pretzels, and even candy like M&M’s. The issue here is finding something that’s both easy to carry and will keep well throughout your event. Good luck!

Posted July 18, 2012


Question: Do you have any thoughts on some of the new functional training equipment on the market—things like TRX bands for example?
Answer: Generally speaking, I’m a fan of TRX bands and other pieces of functional training equipment. Things like TRX, the ViPR, and the Rip-Core FX are taking the fitness industry by storm, and for good reason. They’re new, innovative, and fun to use. But best of all, they’re functional, which means that using them allows you to mimic traditional daily activities, thereby improving movement, balance, coordination, and strength all at the same time. That’s pretty cool! The only real concern here is that people may not know how to use these pieces of equipment properly, which could potentially result in injury. There’s definitely a learning curve with these products, so it’s best to watch the experts first. I also strongly recommend working with a trainer until you’re completely comfortable with the training methodology. At Anytime Fitness, we have a TRX system available for all training clients.
Posted July 2, 2012


Dress For Fitness Success

thumbnailCAAN20J6When you look through a fitness magazine or watch a fitness event (e.g., marathon, track and field) everyone is sporting some cool workout gear. As an average Joe or Jane, does your fitness attire really make a difference? Is there anything wrong with a pair of sweats and old t-shirt?

Bottom line, not really. HOWEVER, wearing appropriate workout clothing helps you stay more comfortable and therefore making your workouts more enjoyable and lasting a lot longer.
Wicking type material (usually some proprietary textile blend) helps to protect ourselves from the elements and wick away moisture (sweat) from our skin. What is nice is our bodies stay more comfortable while working our – helping us to keep focus on our exercise and not on the wet cotton t-shirt that is sticking to your body. In addition, wet clothing that doesn’t wick can chafe and cause blisters and be darn right uncomfortable.
There is fitness clothing available for all four seasons – and it’s ideal to dress appropriately for your workout. You can find workout wear in the fitness section of your favorite clothing store. They are also available in most sporting goods stores and specialty fitness stores.
You’ll be able to move more freely and feel more comfortably – and working out a little longer.

Question: My wife thinks she’ll get big and bulky if she starts lifting weights with me. How do I convince her otherwise?
Answer: This comes up all the time, and it’s one of the biggest myths out there. First of all, women simply don’t have the proper hormonal balance to put on large amounts of muscle tissue. Secondly, even if they did have the right physiology, it would take some serious training to do it. Getting bigger muscles requires high-volume workouts (lots of sets and reps) and a pretty high intensity as well. Picking up a few weights here and there isn’t a recipe for building mass—it’s what you do and how you do it that really makes the difference. Remind your wife that weight training programs can always be tailored to specific goals, so if she doesn’t want to put on large amounts of muscle, that’s just fine. Generally speaking, a full-body circuit with higher rep ranges a few days per week would work well if she’s just looking to tone up or maintain her current level of muscle tissue. If she wants to get an individualized program based on her goals, look for a qualified personal trainer in your area.

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