Thursday, May 17, 2012

Out And About: Bakery Nouveau, Seattle WA (W. Seattle)

I'm passionate about pastries.  I think in my next life I will be a pastry chef.  I don't necessarily like to eat everything I make, but I do enjoy being the kitchen.

If you like baked goods and confections, then head to Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle.  They are located on California Ave (aka the junction) and offer street parking and a lot in the rear of the building.

If you go on a weekend morning, you are almost guaranteed to stand in line and wait.  If you'd like to sit and eat your treats immediately, you'll want to snag one of their 7 tables.

As you enter, the food case just about occupies the length of the retail area.  Starting with an area of candies and chocolates you'll move through sandwiches, cakes and confections then lastly their sweet and savory pastries.  There are also loaves, baguettes and other artisan breads available.  With the exception of their brownies (I am not a fan) I don't think there is a bad item at Bakery Nouveau.  If you need something to wash it all down, they do offer espresso drinks as well as a very small selection of sodas and juice.

Recommended Menu Items:  Plain croissant (one of the best in the city), twice baked croissant (almond and chocolate), classic chocolate cake.
Beyond the cash register (and you'll pay decent coin for their delectable treats) you can peak into the kitchen to watch the magic being created.

Thumbs up for this European bakery.

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