Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dining Out - Serious Biscuit, Seattle WA

This South Lake Union eatery is hopping!  Tokuro and I happen to be in the area and stopped in for a late breakfast.  The atmosphere is very open and Serious Biscuit is shared with a wine shoppe and Serious Pie (upstairs).  Seating is limited and on this particular Sunday it was PACKED.  Table service is available upstairs but the wait can be long.  There is a quicker, self service option at the counter - just order your food, wait and then sit and eat.  We chose the latter.

We ordered "the Zach" which is pictured above (one to share).  Fried chicken, Tabasco black pepper gravy, fried egg and bacon graced this glass plate.  In addition we had the Kentucky bourbon & bacon beans and a bottle of Panna.  It's probably worth mentioning that their menu includes biscuits topped with a variety of goodies, side dishes and beverages.

The verdict - well, that was a lot of food.  It was what I expected in a Tom Douglas southern breakfast cuisine.  Our dish was rich and creamy with the gravy (but lacked in Tabasco and black pepper, I expected more).  Chicken was nice and crispy, but I would have liked it hotter (we noticed a bunch of pre-fried chicken piled high, just waiting to be used - I get it, saving time).  The beans were made fresh and had a distinct taste of cumin which my husband just LOVED.

OK, I'll be on a treadmill burning this breakfast off!

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