Friday, May 18, 2012

Dining Out: Buddha Ruska, Seattle WA (W. Seattle)

I've dined here for dinner, and most recently for lunch.  I met some dear friends I hadn't seen in years, so we shared an amazing lunch.

Buddha Ruska is a Thai restaurant located in West Seattle.  There is street parking, and depending on what time of the day, it can be challenging. 

We arrived early and were seated promptly.  The main dining area is small and the tall ceilings make for a terrible echo.  Decor is reminiscent of Thailand, very fitting for this restaurant.  Service for our table was very attentive.  There is a separate lunch and dinner menu with several offerings.  Lunch comes with their house vegetable soup.

We ordered the following and shared everything "family style":
Garlic Chicken - this dish is not offered on the lunch menu.  To many, this is also referred to as "crack chicken" because it is addicting.  The chicken is moist and has a delicious chili, garlic coating.  It's topped with cilantro and fried basil.  Also comes in tofu or shrimp.
Fresh Spring Rolls - These were pretty standard and vegetarian.  The accompanying peanut sauce was a little thick but tasted great with the rolls.
PadSeeIew - Traditional wide noodles with beef in a delicious black bean sauce.  These were good but I found the noodles to be a little too cooked for my taste.
Yellow Curry - Three stars with chicken.  The coconut milk really comes out in this dish.  It was rich and fabulous.
Thai Iced Coffee - A strong coffee sweetened with condensed milk is always a delicious addition to a Thai meal.

We arrived right at opening (11:00am) and when we left the dining room was packed.  As we walked out, each table had garlic chicken.  Tip: order the garlic chicken.

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