My name is Myrissa Yamashiro and I, along with my husband Tokuro are the owners of Anytime Fitness Redmond Ridge.  If you knew me 10 years ago and said, “Myrissa, you’re going to be a certified personal trainer, work for a corporate fitness company and one day open up your own gym.”  I would have responded by saying, “What are you smoking? And…could I have some?”  The reality was I was an overweight, stay-at-home mom who sat on the sofa and ate bon-bons.  So to make a long story short, I lost some weight and opened a gym.

I do enjoy food and exploring the best food establishments in the area.  I also love to cook.  If I weren't in the fitness business I would probably be a pastry chef.  My culinary mission in life is to teach my son that food isn't served through the window of you car.  It's my journey that I share with him that gives thought of caring for his health but most enjoyably his culinary palate.

When it comes to your health and fitness there is no destination.  It is a never-ending journey.  That's why I workout to eat!

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