Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out and About: Crumble & Flake, Seattle WA

I decided to head to Capitol Hill to check out Crumble & Flake on opening day.  The location is on a corner with limited street parking, but if you can get yourself to this small tiny space I assure you it will be worth it.

When you walk into the bakery you are two steps away from the pastry case.  On a Sunday afternoon, the case was looking empty, apparently sold out from the morning crowd.  There were two people servicing the steady stream of people walking in.  In the back, Pastry Chef Neil Robertson doing his magic.  With a nice open kitchen you can see your baked goods being made - all fresh, of course.

I picked up the following:
Plain Croissant - Flaky, buttery and tender inside.  Worthy of being called one of the best croissants in the Seattle area.
Cream Puff - They offer a choice of fillings, and I happened to get one of each: vanilla, chocolate and apricot.  I had one bite and the family had the rest - which they profess were "delicious" and demanded more.  I was curious of the puff, which offered a slight crust that seem to compliment the rich cream filling inside.
Chocolate Chip Cookie - It was delicious and I'm almost certain the chocolate was at least 60% cocoa of some good quality chocolate.
Brownie - Interesting!  Two tone brownie consisting of a dark bottom with nuts and lighter on top.  The texture was lighter than a traditional brownie, but the chocolate flavor was very good.

There is no seating so everything is to-go.

Congratulations to Crumble & Flake.  Looking forward to visiting again in the future.

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