Thursday, September 6, 2012

My First Podcast!

My very first Podcast has been published.  Note to self, I say "Ummm" too much.
Please, listen and let me know what you think.  I am very excited to share this with you!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dining Out: Skillet Diner, Seattle WA (Capitol Hill)

In the past, enjoying Skillet Diner was limited to their roving food truck.  This popular food truck has added brick and mortar for their fan base.  You can also find their food at The Armory at The Seattle Center, Skillet: Counter at the Armory.

Located on Capitol Hill, this place is a drive from the Eastside, but I've found myself enjoying Skillet Diner when I'm looking for a good breakfast place to eat.  My time here has been limited to early breakfast or lunch, as I don't have the patience to wait for a table to eat.

Tip:  Go early or off hours, if not you'll find yourself waiting.  My favorite time to go is 8:30am on a weekend, just before the "rush".

The restaurant offers plenty of natural lighting and reminds me of a "diner" atmosphere keeping with their name.  I am always in awe at their place setting which includes a mason jar (your water glass) stuffed with a kitchen towel (your napkin) and silverware.  Very unique.

I like to sit at the counter offering a front and center view of their kitchen.  The energy is always good.  Overall it is a good place to eat, offering a casual atmosphere and serving really good food.

Comments on what I've had at Skillet Diner:
Barb's Granola - A beautiful presentation.  I am able to take home granola as their serving size could feed two people easily!
Fried Chicken Sammy - One of the best seasoned fried chicken I've had.  Excellent sandwich.
Fried Chicken & Cornmeal Waffle - I'd take the chicken over the pork.
House-Made Biscuits and Sage Gravy - My husband insists he get extra gravy on the side.
The Burger - Of course, the bacon jam is what makes this burger.
The Veggie - It's a fork and knife burger as it will fall apart on you.  It's fantastic.
Cinnamon Roll - You have to share this, consider it an appetizer.

Bottom line:  Go!

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