Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dining Out: Spinasse, Seattle WA (Capitol Hill)

There are a few restaurants in Seattle that really leave their mark on your culinary palate.  On Capitol Hill, Spinasse does just that!

Seattle Magazine declares Spinasse one of seven restaurants that define Seattle dining.  I agree.  Spinasse has also received several accolades, including a recent feature on Cooking Channel's Unique Eats.
Spinasse is perfect for a romantic meal.  It's where you'll hear the clinking of wine glasses, the chatter of Seattle-ites and the aroma of goodness that awaits to be served at your table.  I've been here several times, and my 12 year old son loves this restaurant.

Dinner reservations are a must - unless you're willing to take your chances and sit at the counter.  If you're looking for a show, sit at the counter as you'll have perfect sites of the kitchen - where the culinary magic takes place.  There is also outdoor seating, so on a beautiful summer evening opt for the patio.

A nice amuse bouche of toasted bread, buttered and topped with anchovy was fantastic.  I wish it was on the menu.

I was left in charge of ordering so by my doing, we ate:
Antipasto misto della casa - basically one of each of every antipasto.  We especially enjoyed the Sardine in carpione, Sardines fried and marinated with vinegar with mint and fresh chickpeas.
Tajarin al burro e salvia - fine egg pasta with butter and sage.  This is their signature dish and what has put Spinasse on the culinary map.  This is a must dish to order if you go.
Salmone con olive e panzanella - Pan seared salmon on a bed of bread salad.  Salmon prepared medium rare.  It was like butter and melted so easily.  I felt the leeks and, I believe fennel or celery really took over the dish.
Capunet di vitello e fegato grosso - Our most favorite dish of the evening, stuffed cabbage rolls.  These were fantastic and the caramelized honey sauce just put it over the top.

My family and I love Spinasse.  Of course we'll go again, and we hope to see you there!

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