Monday, July 2, 2012

Dining Out: The Modern (Bar)

This place is not to be missed if you’re in New York City.  In fact, on my first visit to NYC I dined there 3 times.  It was that good.

The Modern is a restaurant within the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and as you can imagine the art extends to the restaurant.  I normally sit at the bar where it's more casual and easier to get a table.

There is a single door and a long curvy hallway that leads you into The Modern.  The Bar is nice and open an offers seating on lounge sofas, at the bar, and tables.  Their restrooms are worth mentioning, because I think it’s so cool.  It is a long hallway of uni-sex hand basins and individual toilet rooms marked for the ladies or gents.  It’s so cool - so Modern.

Their menu is divided into three sections representing a choice of first, second and third course selections.  Of course you don’t need to order all three, but beware that portions are relatively small.

Food is artfully displayed, pleasing the eye as well as the palate.  It’s such an experience to see food presented in such an eye-candy type way.  You’ll want to take a moment to savor the view.

Don’t skip dessert.  Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, your eyes will be delighted and you’ll smile happy as your meal ends (and you probably won’t care about the bill when it comes).

What I’ve Eaten from The Modern (Bar):
Modern Liverwurst | Fantastic.  I get this dish every time I’m there.
Tarte Flambee | Great for sharing this flat bread starter.
Wild Mushroom Soup | If you like mushrooms, order this soup.
Arugula and Watercress Salad | A light, fantastic tasting salad.  The dressing is unique and is a wonderful way to get your veggies.
Grilled Diver Scallops | My son discovered scallops here at The Modern.  He enjoyed them.
Beer-braised Pork | Delicious, however I thought the texture was not as soft as I would have liked.
Pan Roasted Grouper | Not my type of fish, but it was good.
Braised Tripe | Nice flavors and served really hot!
Beignets | I’ve had many and these are light and flavorfull with delicious “dips” that accompany with.
Hot Chocolate | Artfully presented with a house made marshmallow.  This will bring back happy childhood memories.

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