Friday, July 13, 2012

Dining Out: Scarpetta, New York NY (Meatpacking)

Like children who are impressed upon when viewing a TV commercial, I feel that same way when I listen to any food authority sign praises of their love of a restaurant.  It's almost gospel!  The Best Thing I’ve Ate features Food Network celebrities sharing their favorite go-to places to eat.  Ted Allen, host of Chopped! talked about his love of Spaghetti at Scarpetta Restaurant in New York City.

I’ve already been to Scarpetta and just recently enjoyed another plate of Chef Scott Conant’s spaghetti.

As I entered the restaurant, I pass the bar which is full of foodies (and possibly drunks) eager to savor the food and drink of this fine dining establishment.   The main dining area is large, offering tables in the center and half booths (when a table offers chairs on one side and booth seating opposite) along the walls.  In the rear houses an impressive wine collection, beautifully displayed through a glass wall and window.

The menu offers an array of Italian dishes, all executed with such style and taste.  While perusing the menu, we are offered an out of this world bread basket.  Ok, I don’t normally go crazy for a bread basket, but the offering is so substantial one can’t help but be delighted by the offering.  Within the crisp white napkin lies freshly sliced Italian boule of sorts, thick cut slices of Stromboli (bread layered with cheese, tomato and cheese), focaccia with pronounced specks of sea salt and small crusty Italian bread rolls.  It is accompanied with freshly churned butter (or so it seems), an eggplant/tomato spread and delicious extra virgin olive oil.  

Service on both visits was excellent.  In fact, on my most recent visit, Ricky our waiter recognized us from the dinner the night before at Scott ConantManagement.  Needless to say, Ricky took very good care of us.

Scarpetta restaurants can also be found in Las Vegas NV, Miami FL, Toronto Canada, Beverly Hills CA in addition to the meat packing district location in New York City.

I highly recommend Scarpetta, which means the little shoe like shape taken by bread that is about to grace your plate (to take in the sauce at the bottom of your plate that you so want to finish because it’s oh so good).

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