Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In The Kitchen: Stromboli

Stromobli is a type of stuffed bread, usually stuffed with cheese and Italian cold cuts.  I'm sure there are many variations as to how these are made.

If you've ever dined at Scarpetta restaurant, you've experience Stromboli (Chef Scott Conant style).  Their bread program includes stromboli, delicious Italian bread stuffed with smoked mozerrala, genoa salami, garlic, basil and topped with cherry tomatoes.  The nice thing is that it's FREE. Between you, me and the fence post, Scarpett's bread basket with a glass of wine is a meal in itself.

On the Food Network's The Best Thing I've Ever Made, Cheff Scott shared his recipe for Stromboli.  It looked easy to make, so I made it in my kitchen.

Ok, like any bread product you'll want to allow time.  This took all afternoon (from shopping to eating) to make.  Confession:  I now have a deep appreciation for the bread basket at Scarpetta.  Hats off to Chef Scott.

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