Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Cakes, Ballard WA

I stopped by opening week having a few hours to kill before dinner on Capitol Hill.  I know that Hot Cakes has had a presence at a few markets in Seattle, but have never had the opportunity to sample their sweet offerings.

First off, I have to admit to being an ultimate consumer of purveyors of sweets.  I love sweets and in my next lifetime I would like to be a pastry chef.

Hot Cakes in Ballard is a gem.  My family and I enjoyed a few minutes sitting, watching and enjoying everything this sweet spot had to offer.

The space is rustic and offers a few tables and chairs to provide you with instant gratification of their delicious treats.

As I ate, I savored the flavors and textures worthy of the "Oh Wow!" stamp.  I would expect nothing less from Autumn Martin, an accomplished pastry chef and chocolatier extrodinare.

Anything you order is going to be fantastic.  I especially enjoyed my chocolate chip cookie (their cookies just came out of the oven at four in the afternoon) and a sip of my son's chocolate milkshake.  My husband enjoyed their signature molten chocolate cake, rich with a delicious taste of really good chocolate.  We later enjoyed a cinamon cardamom hand held pie (fantastic).

If you're looking for something sweet, head to Hot Cakes.

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