Friday, June 8, 2012

Out and About: Boehms Candies, Issaquah WA

As one of the Seattle areas oldest confectioners, Boehms Candies is an Issaquah icon.  Located just off I-90 in Issaquah, this sweet spot is sure to delight children of all ages.

When you pull into their parking lot, you'll take notice of the chalet design and you'll almost forget where you are.

Boehm's Candies offer a variety of over 150 chocolates and candies.  There is something to surely please any sweet tooth.  They are wonderful, and Mr. Boehm would say, "As High As The Alps On Quality". On special occasions, you'll find chocolates molded from unique sculptures including golf clubs, neck ties and other items to made your speicall occasion "sweet".

On a special weather day (e.g., when the sun is shining and the temp is over 80 degrees....which is rare in the Seattle area) it's a treat to head to Boehm's and have their hand dipped vanilla ice cream bar. It starts with vanilla ice cream, then it's dipped into their rich semi-sweet chocolate. It just takes a few minutes to harden and it's oh so good. None of the supermarket brands come even close to this delectable frozen treat.

On a rare spring afternoon, my husband and I escaped for this frozen goodness. He plain, I with nuts (I'm going to skip them next time). We sat in their adjacent garden and enjoyed our little treat.

Great for kids.  Great for adults.  Enjoy!

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