Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dining Out: Bisato, Seattle WA (Belltown)

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On 1st Ave in Belltown where the former Lampreia restaurant once stood now sits Bisato.  Led by Chef Scott Carsberg, a James Beard recipient, the space has transformed into an open, 21 and over bar that offers a bistro type setting with high-end fine dining eats.

Bisato serves Ventian style small plate dishes.  You won’t find your traditional big plate pasta, meatballs or pizza here.  

Note: I did not take pictures.  On their website there are fantastic photos of the dishes that really do justice to their food!  I've shared a few here.
l-r: naomi, myrissa, chef scott, manh
outside bisato restaurant
My husband and I dined as guests of some very dear friends of ours (and fellow foodies) Manh and Naoimi.  We arrived and were not surprised that they were chatting it up with Chef Scott.  We started with cocktails and after a few minutes I felt myself starting to unwind (is that what alcohol does to a person) and studying the menu.

The menu at Bisto includes short and descriptive offerings.  What‘s interesting about the rotating menu is what you read is what you get.  Chef is a firm believer at keeping his dishes simple and limiting ingredients to only few to really help his diners saver the flavors.  Too much could get lost on the palate.  With 20+ offerings on the menu I was a bit overwhelmed, however my host informed me that dishes are small, some eaten in a few bites, so order heavily.  Taking their cue, we ordered "heavily" and we all shared around the table.
from bisato facebook page

My eyes were impressed.   Rarely have I seen food so artfully displayed.  Dish after dish was such eye candy.  But the most exciting part was actually eating these culinary masterpieces.  One after another we were entertained in so many ways that made the dining experience amazing.  Just about all five of my senses enjoyed the dinner at Bisato.

Bisato is a restaurant where you’ll want to sit, relax and enjoy the menu for all it has to offer.  A seat at the counter will treat you to a view where all of the culinary magic takes place. Take time to indulge all of your senses and you’ll find your meal at Bisato well worth your time and money.
from bisato website

What we enjoyed:
morel panna cotta with warm violet asparagus
spring artichoke soup with condiments
blini of red beet with gravlax salmon and crème fraiche
variolo of porcini and egg with butter sauce
warm spaghetti with eggplant
cow's milk gnocchi with ramp butter and parmesan
sweet corn soup, Copper River sockeye salmon, herbs
risotto of strawberry

braised short rib in barolo wine
orange confit with chocolate caramel mousse (You HAVE to order this, absolutely fabulous)
milk chocolate parfait
lemon tart

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