Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out And About: Seattle Coffee Works

I never knew this place existed until I saw it featured on Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods America.  Nothing bizarre with a cup of coffee but the brewing method was indeed, bizarre!  I cannot explain the physics behind this vacuum pot but I can tell you this:  I've made the trek to Seattle Coffee Works several times to enjoy this coffee. Each time a different bean (you choose the bean), and I've enjoyed Burundi the best.  Allow for a good twenty minutes at the slow bar for the entire experience.  Ask questions, your barista is a wealth of coffee knowledge.  Try without modifiers (sugar, cream, etc.) because you might be pleasantly surprised with how good it tastes.  As the coffee cools, the flavor changes.  Forget the paper cup to go.  Have a seat.  Smell, sip, taste and enjoy!

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