Sunday, April 22, 2012

In The Kitchen: Smoked Paprika Chicken with Potato & Onion

I'm an avid viewer of the food channels.  I even take notes for future food field trips and anything important for future use. I happen to catch "The Best Thing I've Ever Made" which featured Alton Brown and this recipe.

I've never used smoked paprika and had to trek to Seattle's World Spice Merchants to get it (Whole Foods didn't have it).  Wow!  If you're in the market for spices I highly recommend this place.  Every spice they carry is displayed in jars of one ounce so you can look at it, smell it and determine how much you want to buy.  It's located on Western below the market - so parking is terrible and if you drive too fast, you'll miss it.

My family loved it.  It really was a delicious dinner - full of flavor. I used 4 thighs and 2 breasts - organic, free range chicken which I don't think really made a difference (except in price).  Bonus was the crunch from the skin.  The "smoke" really came out and gave it that smoked flavor without the grill.  I would definitely make it again and not change a thing.

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